Souness: I Refuse Schmeichel and Cantona

Souness: I Refuse Schmeichel and Cantona

Former Liverpool coach Graeme Souness admitted that he had refused Peter Schmeichel and Eric Cantona.

Both players eventually grew into legendary figure at Manchester United, and he revealed that both players had been offered to Liverpool.

“I missed two players, who eventually grew into a Manchester United legend,” Souness told reporters.

“Ron Yeats, the head of the club’s talent scout, told me about a young Dane goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel – who is willing to pay for travel and lodging expenses, in order to spend some time with our team.

“I tried to calm the situation of Bruce Grobelaar, but it turned out to be quite complicated. I also just brought David James, so I do not think I need a beginner goalkeeper anymore. ”

“Eric Cantona is one of the players I miss. We played against Auxerre at home, and after the game was over, Michel Platini came to see me.

“He said if he has a player that suits me, a player who is full of problems, but also has great talent. But at the time, the last thing I wanted was a troubled player. “

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