Pogba Hopes Key City Players Injury, This Guardiola Response

Pogba Hopes Key City Players Injury, This Guardiola Response

Paul Pogba had hoped Manchester City would slip and his players were injured What does Pep Guardiola respond to Pogba’s comments?

City has so far been the fastest-running team in the Premier League. The Citizens have collected 43 points from 15 matches, winning eight points from Manchester United who became the closest competitor.

Seeing the speed of City, Pogba was hoping the team rivals MU city will slip. Not only that, Pogba also hope the City will lose the players important because of injury.

When asked about Pogba’s comments, Guardiola looked surprised. But the City manager responded by deploring the absence of Pogba in the Manchester derby next week.

Pogba himself will certainly miss when MU host City at Old Trafford in Manchester derby match on Sunday (10/12/2017) night, due to get a red card in the match against Arsenal.

“Hopefully no one will get injured,” Guardiola said after the game against West Ham as reported by Manchester Evening News.

“I want Paul to play against us because I want to face the team with his best players, to see if we can beat them.”

“I’m sure it’s just an expression and he does not want our players injured,” Guardiola added.

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